Saturday, July 11, 2015

Why do we need two pilots in a commercial aircraft?

Quite simple actually, its because of safety.

In various industries a concept called redundancy is quite common. In aviation redundancy is a household concept. It basically means having Plan A and plan B.

All the systems in commercial aircrafts are designed in this fashion. If one fails, the other takes over. It's a neat setup when you think about it.

Millions of dollars are spent on making this happen. Unlike cars, aircraft designers make sure to minimize technical dis-functionality.

When technical errors are low; the only thing left are human errors. The error a pilot do unconsciously can have disastrous results. Such is the case we have been witnessing with crashes in the last decade.

In order to reduce human errors, a second conscious is kept. Having two brains in the cockpit is better than one and so is the reason why we have two pilots in commercial aircrafts.

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