Friday, July 17, 2015

Personalization & Commercial Aviation

With internet of things (IoT) on the rise, commercial aircraft manufactures are begging to tap into that market.

With IoT, physical objects are able to communicate with each other. As a passenger, this allow personal flying experience.

The architecture of this system is so vast in aviation that designers are bewildered with where to start.
Companies like Boeing and Airbus have always been trying to get more personal with passenger comfort. 

Airliners are particularly interested in how they can give better flying experience to their passengers. Boeing 787 come with various lighting scheme as per passenger mood and comfort. Airliners like Virgin Atlantic have gone far enough to get personalized bar in aircraft - so as to satisfy its customers.

World as we know it now is going for personalization. Everything comes with various features and benefits in order to make sure that the customers get to choose accordingly.  Look around for the millions of mobile apps. Look around for the millions of food joints. Look around for millions of customization services and products.

World is going for long tail model. So will commercial aviation. Commercial aviation is in the verge of evolving into something more than just flying from point A to point B.

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