Friday, July 10, 2015

Vortex Generators: Amazing Tiny metal pieces

It's the second week of the month. Today it's design tactics used in aircraft.

I will discuss about vortex generators. Vortex generators are simple but powerful devices. It's nothing but coin sized metal piece fixed at specific points on the wing. 

Next time when you go on a trip, try yo find one these on the wings : 

These tin metal pieces are called Vortex  generators. They induce vortex to increase the energy of the stream flow. In simple terms, they make the air to work more.

How does that work? Well, you see the Winglets at the end of the wing tip ( is written on it) - the vortex generator does the exact same thing - in a smaller scale.

Usually there are groups of it kept in a certain pattern. It's astonishing that how such small implementation can make big difference.

Mainly these are used to increase the stall speed, to attain maximum take off weight and reduce noise. 

Great part about this implementation is that; there are companies that provide vortex generators. When you have a specific requirement like minimum take off speed or maximum take off weight; these additions come in great hand. 

Check out this article from for more :

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