Friday, June 26, 2015


It's been 49 days since last post. I was in a long vacation, quitting my job, finding new one, settling up etc. I am grateful to all my friends for their support and faith. New job is much more cooler and organized. I am hoping to write more articles for you guys.

Now to the announcement.

I have officially bought and registered and will host this blog from now on.

The new .com announcement comes with more surprises:

+ We will be blogging about series of game-changing aircraft.
+ We will be blogging about sentinel planes of world wars.
+ We will be dwelling into aerodynamic design tricks used in aircraft and everyday life.
+ We will discuss what all aviation technology is being used in everyday life.

...and  much more.

Basically , we are reinventing

Welcome aboard old champs! I'm tremendously thankful to all my readers.

Thank You Guys!