Friday, July 3, 2015

New Strategy

Here we are, ready to reinvent theaviationbusiness.

But how do someone re-invent something?

We look back into the basics. We look back what it took us to invent in the first place.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the first practical telephone, the sentiment behind that was so connect to loved ones miles away. That was a necessity. Fast forward many, it took Steve Jobs to re-invent how phones are perceived and used for the same sentiment - to connect to loved one.

I started this blog because I love aviation. I wanted to share my thoughts, that's all. I wasn't taking it serious. I just blogged whenever "the mood" came. I didn't have any plans, schedule or even real content. Just an impulse to express and share.

With the passage of time, I slowly realized that this is bigger than me. I shouldn't be selfish and careless about this. This is something I am creating for the world, however small it may seem. This is for people who love aviation. I am honored to serve an audience of awesome people like this.

But I can't do it with the current "impulse" plan. I need to change how things are done. To change, I need a new strategy, scheduled plans and then execute it. And I'll iterate the process; until you are satisfied.

So, what is our new strategy?

Focus on your needs. We write about what you want. We set a list of categories and assign them a day. We start to share the post in social medias. We analyse the each category popularity and focus on them.

This is our new strategy. Now there is lot of work to be done. And so, posting a day per week wont suffice.

Today, I officially announce that we will posting on two days per week now.  Friday & Saturday.

Tomorrow I will lay out the categories and schedule.

So until then take care my friends.



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