Friday, December 12, 2014

Atomic Hypersonic

I welcome back my buddy Mr.Aire after a long time through this article. 

Today Aire will be posting a very interesting article about Atomic Hypersonic.
Without further ado, here is Aire....

Hello folks ,(Aire) after a short period of time,3 months' I know it is pretty long.
Mr.Chan's article on nuclear fusion was very interesting,opening new possibilities in aviation industry. Lockheed Martin had already started working on that technology ,hmm yeah folks I'm coming into our topic .

We have futuristic nuclear fusion and our future hypersonic jet
yeah I know you guys aren't getting the connection . What if a hypersonic jet that propels on nuclear fusions,sounds really crazy,
no crazy stuffs apart here.We have warships ,vessels etc ,why we cant have an aircraft with nuclear power.But implementing such technology in real life is pain stalking and 
pushing all our technology to its limits & certain factors that we cannot avoid, such as radiation and an air frame that can endure such an immense pressure,and weight ratio.
moreover shielding radiation ain't an easy task.And fueling has to be done once in a while ie: If you done fueling you don't have to re fuel in next couple  of decades.Just WOW!!

Your responses are our strength to do more 

Until next time. Love y'all. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Bendable Wings

No moving parts. The function of control surfaces can be imitated by this bending wind technology,

This massive technical leap is undertaken by a company called Flexsys in USA. They have a specific product called flexfoil which exploits elasticity of conventional materials.  There project is brilliant.
I recommend you to check this out :

Courtesy: Ben MJ

Until Next time. Cheers.

Friday, November 28, 2014

5 Reasons to Love Aircraft

1. They can Fly.

2. They are big.

3. The Sound of engines roaring is exciting.

4. Can travel more than the speed of sound.

5. Can cross 80,000 ft.

Next Friday folks.

Forgive me for this stupid article. :)

Chan CK

Friday, November 21, 2014

Moving the World.

In my line of work, I get to work with many things.My company is supposed to install  ATC Simulator in one of the airports. It is to teach air traffic management to kids (trainees). Anyway, this simulator has a huge 360 degree screens. This came in an whooping 10 x 3 x 4 meter crate and we had to stock it in warehouse. I happened to supervise it.

Please be informed that my knowledge in logistics suck. I mean, I have no idea how to move things; in our case big things. I had to call experts to get this thing moving. When they were moving this giant coffin looking thing, I realized how hard it is for Airbus/Boeing to move aircraft parts around. I always thought it was just manufacturing aircraft for them. But it's just a part of the story. They have to move tons and tons of fabricated metal to assemble. It has a science of its own.

Of course we all know about Beluga, the brainy looking plane. Beluga was developed in 1992 to carry wings and fuselage to main assembly factory. It was a huge success for Airbus. This month Airbus announced to manufacture a bigger Beluga to handle the insane orders. 

With all its charm and good looks, Beluga is not alone in this quest of moving world. 
We have Dreamlifter (Boeing), Antonov 225 Mriya  & Antnov 124 (Russia). Out of all these, Antonv 225 Mriya is the legendary one. This is the largest flying aircraft in the world. 

While beluga is able to carry 155t, Mriya can fly 255t. This is a beast. 

In aviation world, the ability to fly safe and get hundreds of passengers is amazing. But don't forget the aircraft that carry the heavy stuffs around. Even though it is small number of aircraft, they contribute more to this world than we know. These aircraft are much respected in aviation world. 

I know the design parameters and constrictions of aircraft. It's a herculean task to design and manufacture these kinds of aircraft. Seriously, they are just awesome. 

Let me know the legendary aircraft in your mind, leave it in the comment section.

Thank you all for reading.
Leave any advice or comment. I promise to get better at this. :)

- Chan 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Space is not easy.

There was a time when launching a rocket to space was considered a great achievement. But as time passed, as technology grew - we all just took it for granted. 

Only till recently we again realized how challenging the space is. The crash on 31st October in Mojove Desert reminds us how hard and harsh space could be. 

I believe all of our prayers are with the brave co-pilot Michael Alsbury who lost his life testing Space Ship two. Also pray for the quick recovery of Peter Siebold who survived with serious injuries.

They belong in history, will be legends who wrote rules in blood. 
We respect you. The whole industry does. Thank You.

-Chan CK

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Supersonic business jet. Aerion AS2.

Business jets are the toys of millionaires and bonus of corporate executives. Business jets are used all around the world and are priced in range of $40-$65 million a piece. Believe it or not, this market is big and competitive. As of now there are 14 models alone from different manufactures for the customers to choose from. 

To add more spice, Aerion company is planning on putting a supersonic business jet by 2021. They are not alone; Airbus is there partner. 

The aircraft is now called AS2. Check out the video below:

After the Concorde era, all aviation enthusiasts have been waiting for another supersonic aircraft. 
I don't know how far they will take this. But to make a supersonic aircraft that cruise at Mach 1.6 and costs $100 million a piece is something remarkable. 

The technology used in the aircraft assures that all is not lost with supersonic travel.

I recommend you to check their website to get a feel of future. Don't forget to check the flight comparison mode in one of the pages. Here's the link :

Let me know your thoughts. Please comment and share.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Nuclear Powered Aircraft: The Dawn of Atomic Age

All aircraft are designed based on a specific need or purpose.The advent of endurance, speed, agility, range etc all comes into play. The final design is just compromise between all these factors.

What if there was an aircraft that has unlimited endurance or unlimited range or both? Sounds like the stuffs from Sci-Fi. Well, with the recent breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology from Lockheed Martin, we might have an Sci-Fi aircraft in a decade.

Lockheed Martin announced a breakthrough in nuclear fusion by which they are able to harness power from controlled fusion reaction. The main advantage with this they can reduce the size of nuclear power plant. Since they use magnetized vessel to contain ionized plasma, they are able to produce energy 10 times more powerful and clean than the existing power plants.

Check out the video from Lockheed Martin:

Ten years from now, we might have an aircraft powered by nuclear energy. They have tried making nuclear powered aircraft before but was cancelled for obvious reasons. (Source: Wiki)

This is actually a revolutionary breakthrough for energy sector. But for aviation, this will be a boundless technology. I wonder what we will be witnessing in a decade or two.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Wright Brothers chose Kitty Hawk.

Failure. Failure was inevitable. Oliver and Wilbur knew it. The reason why Wright Brothers were able to achieve controlled flight (success) is because they foresaw failure.  

Kitty Hawk the land of Sand and Wind in North Carolina. They selected Kitty Hawk because it was perfect for any crash. It had vast area with soft sand beds which could reduce the impact of any crash.

This principle of accepting failure and learning from it is what drew them to success. It is called taking calculated risk. Just like in business. 

People start business with a notion that it would work the first time. There is always a 50% chance of failure in any business. A good business man will know the risks, accept failures, learn from it and build valuable products or service. 

Billionaire Jeff Bezos of Amazon had a business plan which had a 70% chance of failure. He knew failure was ever present. You can either acknowledge it and be prepared or you can crash and burn.

Wright Brothers acknowledged it and now we have an industry called Aviation.

Until Next time.


Friday, October 10, 2014

What's cool about Quad-copters?

For starters, it has 4 propellers.

Quad-copters come in different shape and size. I recently bought one, a nano quad-copter.
It's amazing how just one silicon board is engraved with algorithms  that manipulates the flow of electrons to control the tiny motor rpm which in turn produce lift.

What amaze me more is that this tiny quad copter is designed and manufactures in China, at a very cheap rate.

People has ignored that fact that things are hard to fly and now perceives world as instant stuffs that just works.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Prayers to MH 17 Victims

We take a moment of silence for the heinous act of rebels for shooting down an civilian aircraft. I strongly ask the government to take action against this merciless act of ignorance and utter violence.

MH 17 should get its justice.

May the souls be in peace.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why do you want to become a Pilot? (Part 2)

Recently I watched a movie called " The World's End" (not the PoC3) starring Pegg and Nick Frost. It's about a town abducted by aliens trying to change human culture of being from messy to proper discipline. The intertwines with Pegg's teenage fantasy of drinking from different pub in a row. It's funny.

Anyway, in the climax, the alien overload will have an argument with Simon Pegg about the human race being the most undisciplined and messy (so called fuck-ups). Simon Pegg and others argued back with solid points even though they were drunk.
In the heated argument, Pegg finally says:  " Face it! We are the human race and we don't like being told what to do!"
Alien: " Just what is it that you want to do? "
Pegg replied : " We want to be free. We want to be free to do what we want to do."

There are some dialogues after this, but in final, the aliens realizing that humans won't change left the planet.
Yup, it is funny. But the point is - we want to be free.

Does being a pilot has anything to do with being free? Or is this the reason why we want to become a pilot? Is it the only reason?

In all my years in aviation industry, I have came across plenty of pilots. I observed that , there are pilots who are in the business for various reasons. I will also tell the truth about them:

  • Reputation  - the ability to walk straight, chest out and tell anyone and everyone that I fly a 200 ton machine for a living. Their self esteem and confidence is based on this fact. People like this would always believe that no matter what, there is nothing more greater than being a pilot. 
    • The truth is they might have been low on self esteem or meaning of life at their young age.(who isn't). These people after many long years, realizes that the self-esteem and reputation is not something to be given from others. It should come from within. This is the reason why some airline pilot get bored of flying.
  • Money - These are the guys who actually think of being rich (in their terms) by flying. These guys would change the airlines, shift to different country for making the big buck. They want everything to be contracted and in a deal. If the airlines are not gonna pay them for a flight, they will not touch the throttle.
    • The truth is after all, being a pilot is a job. A job with pros and con like any other. However the earning potential is okay in today's market. I mean when you are indeed a captain, you can buy a Audi A6, an apartment, good education for kids and in overall a good lifestyle. But of-course if it is money you want, this is definitely not the right choice. 
  • Passion: These are the guys who would shout woohoo! when watching Top Gun for the first time. They will be thinking about this for days, downloading pics, reading about them and getting bombarded each time...until a new awesome thing.
    • The truth about this group is that, it's just a crush. They actually talk about it a lot, but never really do anything. The problem people sometimes take life changing decisions based on this. If someone like this decided to become a pilot, eventually he will focus on other aspects of life and flying becomes monotonous. 
  • Love : There are people, who are in spite of being in different industry, is a pilot. These are the people who has turned their passion to love. These people will fly for you for free. These are the people who are thankful to see a 747 take off, who respects the marvel flying above them. 
    • The truth is that, this group will love flying forever. See, these are the people who are devoted to aviation. One example is John Travolta. 
Now, what is your reason? Why do you want to become a pilot?

One thing I want to make clear to the aspiring pilots is that, there will be hardships with getting your first job. It might take 2 to 3 years to get 1500hrs. Please accept this fact and take it as a challenge.

Fly High.

Until Next time.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why Do You Want To Become A Pilot? (Part 1)

Before two days, Airbus filed a patent for windowless cockpit. They are talking about a concept where the pilot has a 3-D environment with holograms and projections of the outside. Basically they are substituting the need of a window with these projections. It's pretty cool when you think about it.

"It would be better, says the patent, if the cockpit were moved into some other area of the aircraft and the pilot equipped with entirely electronic means of observing and controlling the aircraft's flight ." -Click here to read full article

First thing that got me thinking was....How good this will look?

Eh...well, its just a sketch as of now.

The other thing in my mind was -  what has flying an airplane turned into?

Why do you or me or anyone want to become a pilot?

The passion/satisfaction? best view? destiny or just plain awesomeness?
I would say all of the above. All in all its just makes us proud. To Fly.

My question - is that enough?

Its true that it satisfies our ever dying need of flight. It's truly incredible. But at what cost?

Let's go back 2 decades ago, the good old 90s. There were airlines and airliners. Flying was a highly reputed job then. The Captains earned a lot more than average jobs. They had awesome life - flying around the world, staying in penthouse, luxury cars etc.

A good job to aim for. We as kids would have to choose from being an engineer, pilot or doctor. It was simple. If you have the guts, the money and the passion -  you have a wonderful life ahead. It seemed noble and exciting at the same time. The way to freedom, fame and money.

Being a pilot is a perfect blend of of purpose, productivity and pleasure.

Well, in reality - the above given is just an exaggeration. The truth is a little away from this.

Please stay with me. I will write more about this in the next article. It will be posted on 13th July 2014.

Until then, this is Chan signing off.

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Nothing Beats Aviation

This video is just too awesome:

My apologies for not posting last Wednesday.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Aviator - Our Official FB page.

We are proud to announce that, our official Facebook page is out. We hope it will be the best page for Aviation enthusiasts.

Updates will be made every other adjacent days. Updates will include Awesome status, pics, videos, quiz etc. It's an open page and so you can post whenever you want.

You can find the page here :

Here's a snapshot:

We all thank you for the love and support.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

B-2 Spirit - My Favorite Video

Today I am sharing with you an awesome video. When you watch this, just focus. Relax and be with the video. When you see the B-2 Spirit take off; that moment is beautiful. The spirit of 100 YEARS of aviation is compressed into that one moment. 

We are all fortunate enough to live in a world where B-2 Spirit is a Dark Knight. 
Watch the video:

Until Next time fellas. 

This is Chan.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Amelia Wisdom

Today in office, colleagues for arguing about the powerful woman in the world. Many were talking about Oprah and Angela Merkel. Well, that time in my mind, only one named ringed - Amelia Earhart. The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

It is not only the act, but what it took her to do something incredulous like that, at a time when people were skeptical about aviation. We all go through the high social pressure of making everyone happy. We are effected by other people blabbering stuffs into us. We take it into consideration without even realizing. Amelia was no such person.

Even though it was a herculean problem, she did it. She did not because she wants others to admire her. She took it because it was worth it. Was it risky? Sure. Was it Stupid? Maybe. But, isn't she a legend? Hell ya!

 A tribute to one of the iconic woman figure in history.

Until next time lads.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Aircraft & Speed

Last week article on Hyper sonic Realm by Aire turned few heads. The idea of a passenger aircraft travelling at Mach5+ (five or greater than the speed of sound) is indeed exhilarating.

Why isn't there a passenger aircraft like this? I mean, in a world of instant food, instant info, instant satisfaction...why isn't the aviation industry trying to design and build a super awesome passenger aircraft that can fly at Mach 5+?

This led me to think about the evolution of aircraft design and speed. 

At the beginning, all aviators trying to fly was focusing on the first step - Take Off. Everyone was trying to build something that can take off. Some succeeded only to find that there design did not consider cruise and landing phases, which unfortunately was learned the hard way. 

Anyway, Wright Brothers was not only famous for inventing the aircraft. Although George Cayley is the one who discovered Airfoil, Wright Brothers were the one who invented a system to control airplanes by manipulating the flow of air. And so at the beginning years of aviation everyone focused on taming wind to their wills. 

When we mastered the power of flight, the new focus was speed. This particular interest in speed was propelled due to World Wars. Speed was crucial in dogfights. Speed allowed to do manoeuvres in air to gain tactical advantage for the fighters.

Speed was a promising endeavor. Pushing the speed limit higher and higher became the sole focus of aviators. Designers made breakthrough in science and technology to gain higher speeds. Records were made, many milestones were achieved; many of the records are still celebrated to this day.

With the advancement in technology, it was being apparent that speed comes at a price. The price was fuel. Even though great advancement was made to reduce drag and increase weight to thrust ratio; it was clear to the aviators that fuel can increase speed to insane values.

In the 1970s and 80s when the availability of fuel was plenty, governments of countries sponsored companies to build aircraft that can fly faster and higher. The national security was at stake like always. Little did the mass public cared about environment, global warming and the depletion of natural resource. Once the money and stock exchange got affected by these; people began to notice.

By 1990s, a new array of focus based on saving the planet was planned. It became obvious that fuel cost a lot & made pollution. The only solution was to compromise speed and increase other features like bed and hot bath. 

This is the reason why you now see an aviation industry focused on creating aircraft that are more comfortable, luxurious and consume less fuel. They are so into comforting people that now we can adjust lights according to our mood in the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. There was no light adjustment in Concorde because, you know, nobody cared - they will reach the destination soon. 

Aviation is an industry that has to adopt to the new rules of the new world. The brilliant aviators working in this industry strive hard to fight the challenges head on. They do their best with the time they have.

Until next time.

This is Chan.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hypersonic Realm

I'm Arun (Aire) another aviation and aircraft enthusiasts like you, a day dreamer most likely.This my first blog posting in which I would like to share my ideas with you.

Hyper-sonic commercial jetliners.

Yup! Definitely Awesome.

I know this sounds fictional and weird to some of you,when things like fuel ,air frame etc comes in mind. Unfortunately Concord and TupolevTu-144 both have been retired and grounded due to huge operational cost and pollution; no supersonic commercial jets has flown since these two legendary aircraft. 

The Legend

Alright lets keep off all those and talk about speed again, not supersonic; hyper-sonic this time ,speed 5 times and more (5+ Mach) of sound ie: New York to India (12600KM) in just few minutes!! Exciting ah !! 

Well that could be pushing technology to its limits.Lets keep it unlimited.Introducing masters of speed -  RAMJET and SCRAMJET.


Both are types of experimental engine designed for speeds greater than that of sound.They are jet engines with no moving parts,relying on the enormous pressures created by supersonic airflow into the engine to ignite fuel without needing the compressors and turbines used in turbofan engines found on conventional jet planes.

In a ramjet ,the combustion chamber-where the air mixed with fuel and ignited -only works at subsonic speeds.So intakes slows the air down ,releasing some of its energy as a shock wave ,but this reduces fuel efficiency.

The scramjet is an innovation on the ramjet in which the combustion chamber is specially designed to operate with supersonic airflow. Scramjet is simply an acronym for supersonic combustion ramjet.

Let's wait till this Fantasy become Reality .

Thank you for your time .Appreciate your comments!!!

Until Next time.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Right Caption

" What should be my status? " , my friend asked by showing a picture of him (so called selfie) with a docked Emirates A380 in the background. The pic depicted my friend going to board the jumbo jet for the first time. Well, for him, like all of us, a person who loves aviation; flying in an A380 is a pretty big deal. What interest me however was his decision to upload it into social medias with "right" caption.

After much thought, he finally wrote:

 " A journey of Epic proportions.

A right caption indeed.

- Chan

Saturday, May 17, 2014

We Are Back

After a long break, we are back. Aviation world has seen much exciting and rather unusual events in the past months. Out of all news, MH370 is the most outstanding one. The mysterious disappearance of a state-of-the-art Boeing 777 baffles the aviation industry to this day.

We will surely have an article about these in the coming days. But this article is just to remind you guys about our blog's purpose.

This blog stands to Cherish the passion of aviation. This blog stands as a tribute to the aviation industry. Celebrate Aviation.

All we ever wanted was to contribute something to aviation world.

We understand that there are millions of people around the world who loves aviation, who in their hearts has an overflowing passion towards the freedom of flying. This blog is dedicated to those hearts.

It is our humble try to do something worth to these hearts.

Weekly two articles will be posted, one on every Sunday and other on every other Wednesday.

See you guys soon.