Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's your responsibility

Always Ask Why

Humans can live in autopilot mindset forever. People can live and die without ever having to take responsibility for their consciousness. They just do "stuffs" because everyone else does it. I think that's one of the primary root of our everyday problems.

Problems in itself are not threatening. They are indifferent. Problems doesn't have anything favorable or against you. They are just problems waiting to be solved. 

You may think that problems just keeps coming to you. You may also think that your problems are unbearable. It's not the problem that matters, it's your reaction to problems.

When problems arise, in any case - we only have two options: Flee or Fight. 

Everyone always has this option, every day in every case. 

By flee I mean you try not to indulge in the problem. You don't want to deal with it. Anything boring or hard or complex in our life comes into this category. Cooking is hard, just get a take away. Exercising is hard, just find reasons to postponed it. Reading is boring, pretend reading is overrated. Self Improvement is complex, convince yourself that I am the best; I need no improvement. 

Our mindset works like spectacles. Colored spectacles. You start fleeing away from most problems in life by either ignoring or convincing yourself that it's okay to have this problem not solved. That is a colored spectacle. That is fleeing mindset. That will spread into every aspect of your life. 

This is precisely the reason why millions of talented people doesn't rise up to their potential. They always flee. 

If you want real changes in life, and I am repeating it - IF YOU WANT REAL CHANGES IN LIFE. IF.YOU.WANT. - then you need to fight. 

Easier said than done. 

How can we develop this fight mindset? 

You start by asking Why? 

Every aspect of your life - every problem you face - no matter how hard and big they are - ask why?

Ask why to your solution or may I say, reaction towards those problems. 

Cooking is hard, just get a takeaway. - Why?

Why is cooking hard? 

Why takeaway? Why not eat in a restaurant? Why not diet?

The purpose of asking why is to find the core reason of your reaction. 

You ask these questions, it will lead you to the real you.

Do you hate some people in your life? Why? 
Is it because they don't give you the respect you deserve? Why?
Do you deserve to be respected? Why?
Do you take your self worth from other peoples perspective? Why?
Don't you believe in yourself? Why?
Do you really hate the other person or yourself? Why?

We are blessed in this world to have a better life. It's you who has to choose how you want to live.

There is nothing wrong with fleeing mindset. You can have that and still enjoy love, fun , passion etc - the best things in life which are free. 

Then why do you need to change it? That question is what you need to ask yourself. 

Why change?

Always ask why.

Thank You.