Saturday, July 4, 2015

New Plan. Fresh Schedule.

Here we go!

As promised, below given are the different category or "theme" for future posts:

1. Latest trends, business or technology.

What is latest in aviation. I mean, it's a big industry. Things can be over looked.  We make sure we find the right stuff and post it in our blog. 

2. Contemporary. 

Where are we headed? Will the industry flourish? What is happening now? With this section we write about the current status.

3. Design Tactics.

What is Boeing doing with that sharklet? Why is Airbus 350 wings designed like that? We will go through the brilliant design tactics implemented. 

4. The Why and How?

How can an Boeing 787 take-off like that? Is it real? What are those shiny metal things under the wing? We post about the burning questions about the science behind flight. 

5. Commercial Market

What are the giants upto? Which airctaft is selling more? Why is the new roll-out delayed? We take a look at the commercial space where billions fly around.

6. Defense Market

Where is F-35? How much money is spend in that bomber? We look at the exciting defense market where blowing up stuffs is the day - job.

7. The Legends

You think Concorde is better then Tu-144? In here we write about the legendary flying machines. Enough said.

8. Stories from the past

Why US build a plane worth 2 billion dollars? Exciting stories from the past. Study the history, respect it; so that we can create a better future. 

That's it. Those are the 8 categories. As I said, I will analyse the articles and as per feed back, we can evolve.

As per schedule, I will be posting fresh content on both Friday and Saturday.

A month has 4 weeks, so I am planning to share  ≥ 8 articles per month.

Below given are the posting schedule:

Week 1
  1. Friday - Latest trends, business or technology. 
  2. Saturday - Contemporary. 
Week 2
  1. Friday - Design Tactics. 
    1. Saturday - The Why and How. 
    Week 3
    1. Friday - Commercial Market. 
    2. Saturday - Defense Market. 
    Week 4
    1. Friday - The Legends. 
    2. Saturday - Stories from the past.
    All right.

    All that is left now is execution. Stay tuned. I will see you next Friday.



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