Friday, November 27, 2015

Story of Russian Air Force

Russia is the only country in the world that can stand up against United States of America (USA) in military strength.

It's a fact and that is no small strength.

They were once a super-powered nation with massive arsenal of nuclear power. There ability to be a dominant country was partly due to its massive military strength.

Russian Air Force fly some of the most advanced jets in the world. The technology being used in Russian aircraft are state-of-the-art. 

The most famous Russian jets are Mig 29 and Su-35. Recently SU PAK FA stealth fighter which is planned to enter in service next year is also popular.

Russian fighter pilots are one of the most elite in the world with strict training regime and equipment.
Currently the Russian Air Force operates a total of 61 air bases. This includes 26 air bases with tactical aircraft, of which 14 are equipped with fighter aircraft.
In 2012, the Air Force was made up of:
  • 38 fighter squadrons (7 operating MiG-29s, one operating the MiG-29S, 2 operating the MiG-29SMT, 7 operating the MiG-31, one operating the MiG-31B, 4 operating the MiG-31BM, 7 operating the Su-27P, 8 operating the Su-27SM, 1 operating the Su-27SM3 and Su-30M2, 1 operating the Su-35S, 1 operating the Su-30SM)
  • 15 bomber squadrons (9 operating the Su-24M, 2 operating the Su-24M2, 4 operating the Su-34)
  • 14 assault squadrons (10 operating the Su-25, 4 operating the Su-25SM)
  • 9 intelligence squadrons (operating the Su-24MR, and various UAVs)
  • 13 training and testbed squadrons

After the end of cold war in 1991; Russian Air Force was faced with financial scrutiny. There was a time when pilots were not paid for 7 months consistently. There was even a strike for monthly wages.

This caused the Air Force to take a down turn until the rise of Vladmir Putin. Putin later increased the defense fund massively. 

Aircraft technologies,be it commercial or defense were greatly appreciated and was funded. This resulted in developing advanced support aircraft , unmanned aerial vehicles to stealth aircraft. 

Keeping the communist political views aside; Russian aircraft technology deserves admiration and respect. Pushing the boundaries of technology has been the strategy of many countries lately. And those who excel in that has a chance to spread fortune and prosperity. Russian fighter aircraft are an example of that.

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