Friday, November 27, 2015

Highest Manned Flight Altitude Ever Flown

In contrary to the popular belief, SR-71A Blackbird's record of highest manned flight altitude is not actually the highest. 

It was made by a legendary Russian Fighter Jet called Mig 25 Foxbat.

A symbol of the Cold War, the MiG-25 flew with Soviet allies and former Soviet republics, remaining in limited service in Russia and several other nations. It is one of the highest-flying military aircraft, and the second fastest after the SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft.

On August 31st 1977, Mig 25 cruised at 123,520ft (37.50Km). SR-71 A Blackbird cruised at 88,000ft. 

In the movie Iron Man, JARVIS says "SR-71 A Blackbird" as the highest flying fixed wing aircraft. Well, that's false.

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  2. That's informative !! 123520 ft MIG-25 unbelievable.