Saturday, November 7, 2015

Be the Jetman: How to buy a Jetpack?

You saw how those guys flew with an A380. It's called being awesome. While watching the video, this were my precise thoughts:

Sadly, we cannot buy those used by Jetman. Yves Rossy doesn't plan to sell these - yet. His idea is to get close to perfection, to raise the bar of becoming totally free in air. 

Maybe, if you try hard enough, you can built one your own. Maybe.

If even you pull that off, these suits are not designed to take off from land. You would still need a helicopter and crew to support you. Jetman is being sponsored by various companies for marketing purpose; the main one being Breitling. A value close to a million dollars per year; is the entire operating cost Jetman. 

Yves Rossy has plans to built one wingsuit that will be able to take off from hill, just like a para glider.But this is in distant future.

Good news is that all is not lost for us.

My dear friend Mr.Deepak Pottanani Joseph (a.k.a. D.J.) told me about a jeptack we can buy.


Martin Jetpack is technically an ultralight airplane manufactured by Martin company from New Zealand. It uses ducted fan to fly. It has very basic flight movements, but hey this is the closest we can get to owning a jetpack. 

Martin jetpacks can fly upto 5000 ft (1.5 Km) at a speed of 40 mph (70 Kmph).

They go on sales next year at a unit price of 150,000 USD. Yup, costly. With 30 years of development cost, it's only logical that unit price exceed 100k USD. 

That being said, serious buyers can get these and fly around. 

The future of our own flying vehicles starts here. Let's be a part of it. 

Thank You guys for reading.



  1. it was definitely a one of a kind flight! ;)


  2. Espectacular, publicar informacion tecnica, hace cuanto tiempo se implementó el producto. Cuanto tiempo se requiere para construir un equipo?
    Indicar ;
    1) despegues,...
    2) maniobras de vuelo, residtencia de materiales, tipo de materiales,...
    3) aterrizajes,...

    Cuanto demora la instruccion de uso seguro.
    Quien controla equipos y pilotos
    Sistema de enganche
    Tipo,tamaño de paracaida ?,...

    Maxima informacion tecnica, uniones, conexiones, vida util

  3. fuck you ....... this commercial direction is just like like as putting a condom when you have to get into a virgin pussy. it has a price, not as high as anyone thinks.Go for it asap. it is not more than 30%of what you make). the jetpack guy should market these as an escape from the wrong window :> . after some times, when it goes main stream i'd afford one...