Saturday, November 28, 2015

Costliest Aircraft in the World

B-2 Spirit.

One B-2 Spirit cost $ 2.1 Billion. That is the entire fortune of Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat and currently the youngest billionaire in the world.

It's the most expensive aircraft in the world.

B-2 was designed and constructed by Northrop Grumman who were pioneers in flying wing technology. B-2 Spirit was a quantum leap in technology and modern warfare. It changed the entire aviation military as we know it.

During the cold war period U.S. Air Force needed aircraft that can penetrate enemy defense to gather strategic military data and bomb them. B-2 was designed to be the master of stealth and can penetrate any air surveillance radar network without being noticed. In other words, they were invisible.

Legendary aircraft like U-2, SR-71A and B-2 - all were designed to gather information. I think what we should take away from this is - Knowledge is actually a power we cannot even fathom.

The initial plan was to built 220 B-2 stealth bombers. Since the cost of units was way past billion dollars, only 21 were built. One B-2 sadly crashed in 2008. 

Only 20 B-2's exist in the world now. 

It's truly one of the magnificent and majestic machines in the world. They are planned to be in service till 2058. Suits well for a machine that cost $2.1 billion dollars.

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