Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Why do you start a business?

People have been telling me that you have to start a business which can produce great money value in relatively easy way. That it's about thinking how we can make a best deal out of the current situation. That it's a law that we need to be cunning and deceitful to successfully run a business. 

Another reason is, you start a business because you hate your boss and that you don't want to work under someone. So that you achieve freedom. 

Are these the real reasons why you start a business? 

With all due respect, I humbly disagree. 

You don't start a business because you think you can be cunning and deceitful; take advantage of a situation and make money with some hard work. You don't start a business because you hate your boss. If you start a business like that, you will eventually be duped or you will start hating your customers. 

You start a business because that is the right thing to do. 

It's not like - "I have coding skills, so let me start a software company". No. 

It's because it's your desire to help people. You help people by making their life better. You develop your skills because it will help you solve problems. You get money because you need to keep your business float. 

You do it because you can deliver value to others life. That you can change the world. 

Bill Gates is not a billionaire because he is an excellent coder or he is an excellent manager. He is a billionaire because his core desire is to make the world a better place and has the strength and courage to make it happen. Have you watched him lately? Have you been following what he does now? Instead of enjoying the sun beaches or casinos in Las Vegas or Paris, he's trying to eradicate an entire disease from the face of earth - for free. 

Any idea why? 

Because it makes him happy. 

Your reason to start a business should be help your mission in your life. To help others. To make the world a better place. 

It's not about taking stuffs from people, it's about giving. Be generous. If you can provide an awesome service for free - do it. Google did it. 

All comes down to your core desire. Your core why. 



  1. I agree 100%. Starting a business is all about creating value. A good business makes the world a more fruitful place. Scamming people does not add any value and only hardens the world.

    I also agree that you shouldn't just start a business because you hate your boss. Though it is fine to have the desire to be your own boss. There are some real benefits to that for sure. But there are also some real draw backs. Especially in the short term. Starting a business is hard work and can be very expensive and guarantees you nothing. It is not something to do on a whim. It needs to be a well thought out decision and there has to be some sort of plan in place.

    Thank you for this post. You have a very "wise" perspective.

    I was actually just reading an article on business on another blogger blog (two actually) called young finance guy and actually found your blog bc i read one of your comments there. you may like this one he wrote on managing a small business Small Business is Big Business i think its better then the one you read there. Idk tel me what you think.

    I'm actually doing a lot of research and considering starting my own business. It's a big step and can be intimidating.