Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mothership Saga

It's been a while. I'm enjoying my "time off grid". This article is shared to us by none other than our most cherished enthusiast - Mr.Aire. He's written some excellent article through out these years. Check out his new one -CK

Mothership Saga

Hi folks this is Aire ,hope you remember me. It's been a while I wrote something ;yeah almost 2 years now.Honestly, nothing didn't strike me to drive you crazy.

So lately I was dreaming ,day dreaming precisely, and this came into my mind.

An aircraft  which is in Sydney ready to fly to its destinations - London ,Dubai and  to New York.

You would be thinking what new in this; really thinking about the jet lag you gonna have after the trip - Chill...This is not just  one aircraft flying  to all these destinations. 

Lets call the aircraft now in Sydney-  "Mother ship" ( cool ah!) and  it's got a reason why I named this, because its not just one aircraft,its has two other airplanes attached to it ...ehh sounds weird ..okay.  

I've a similar example for you to figure it out , white knight 2 and space ship, of virgin galatic . Well this is not the cut,copy of it.

The mother will take off from Sydney and after reaching right in the middle ,the other aircraft will get detach and fly to its destinations.

I know  this is taking you to middle of no where....your curiosity is our enthusiasm to do more.

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