Friday, June 17, 2016

Feelings & Actions

There is a foundational idea set up by movies and pop culture. The idea is that life is good when we have awesome feeling. Acting upon our feeling is the way to live. All movies portray emotions. They made it so awesome that it convinced mass audience that acting upon your feelings is the best and cool way to live.

Truth is inversely proportional to this idea.

Your actions shouldn't be coming after the feelings. Feelings should be the byproduct of action. Action should be taken for values.

It doesn't matter what you feel. Your purpose, your goal, your direction - take action on that.

We are convinced that if we have purpose, a good job, safety and security - we'll feel good. It's BS.

You do job selflessly. You work hard in spite of your feelings. You care and sacrifice for your better half even if you don't feel like love.

Take action and change your feelings.

This was a impacting revelation for me. I am usually non committed. I was under the impression that, once I figure out what my purpose in life is - I'll be motivated to do just anything. Boy, I was wrong.

Slow and steady wins the race. Slow is okay. Steady not so much. I am sure if we are to understand and conceive it in our mind; we can create wonders. Life can be so much better.

Let us all strive for a higher purpose and stop this ridiculous obsession towards being cool and playing right.



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