Friday, December 12, 2014

Atomic Hypersonic

I welcome back my buddy Mr.Aire after a long time through this article. 

Today Aire will be posting a very interesting article about Atomic Hypersonic.
Without further ado, here is Aire....

Hello folks ,(Aire) after a short period of time,3 months' I know it is pretty long.
Mr.Chan's article on nuclear fusion was very interesting,opening new possibilities in aviation industry. Lockheed Martin had already started working on that technology ,hmm yeah folks I'm coming into our topic .

We have futuristic nuclear fusion and our future hypersonic jet
yeah I know you guys aren't getting the connection . What if a hypersonic jet that propels on nuclear fusions,sounds really crazy,
no crazy stuffs apart here.We have warships ,vessels etc ,why we cant have an aircraft with nuclear power.But implementing such technology in real life is pain stalking and 
pushing all our technology to its limits & certain factors that we cannot avoid, such as radiation and an air frame that can endure such an immense pressure,and weight ratio.
moreover shielding radiation ain't an easy task.And fueling has to be done once in a while ie: If you done fueling you don't have to re fuel in next couple  of decades.Just WOW!!

Your responses are our strength to do more 

Until next time. Love y'all. 


  1. Why nuclear propulsion when simple scramjets can achieve speeds anywhere between mach 12 and mach 24?

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  3. Good question Ben, We know fossil fuel is depleting and we have nuclear fuel in plenty, what if we can achieve mach 24 speed and refueling once in a decade. Isn't cool!!