Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Wright Brothers chose Kitty Hawk.

Failure. Failure was inevitable. Oliver and Wilbur knew it. The reason why Wright Brothers were able to achieve controlled flight (success) is because they foresaw failure.  

Kitty Hawk the land of Sand and Wind in North Carolina. They selected Kitty Hawk because it was perfect for any crash. It had vast area with soft sand beds which could reduce the impact of any crash.

This principle of accepting failure and learning from it is what drew them to success. It is called taking calculated risk. Just like in business. 

People start business with a notion that it would work the first time. There is always a 50% chance of failure in any business. A good business man will know the risks, accept failures, learn from it and build valuable products or service. 

Billionaire Jeff Bezos of Amazon had a business plan which had a 70% chance of failure. He knew failure was ever present. You can either acknowledge it and be prepared or you can crash and burn.

Wright Brothers acknowledged it and now we have an industry called Aviation.

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