Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why Do You Want To Become A Pilot? (Part 1)

Before two days, Airbus filed a patent for windowless cockpit. They are talking about a concept where the pilot has a 3-D environment with holograms and projections of the outside. Basically they are substituting the need of a window with these projections. It's pretty cool when you think about it.

"It would be better, says the patent, if the cockpit were moved into some other area of the aircraft and the pilot equipped with entirely electronic means of observing and controlling the aircraft's flight ." -Click here to read full article

First thing that got me thinking was....How good this will look?

Eh...well, its just a sketch as of now.

The other thing in my mind was -  what has flying an airplane turned into?

Why do you or me or anyone want to become a pilot?

The passion/satisfaction? best view? destiny or just plain awesomeness?
I would say all of the above. All in all its just makes us proud. To Fly.

My question - is that enough?

Its true that it satisfies our ever dying need of flight. It's truly incredible. But at what cost?

Let's go back 2 decades ago, the good old 90s. There were airlines and airliners. Flying was a highly reputed job then. The Captains earned a lot more than average jobs. They had awesome life - flying around the world, staying in penthouse, luxury cars etc.

A good job to aim for. We as kids would have to choose from being an engineer, pilot or doctor. It was simple. If you have the guts, the money and the passion -  you have a wonderful life ahead. It seemed noble and exciting at the same time. The way to freedom, fame and money.

Being a pilot is a perfect blend of of purpose, productivity and pleasure.

Well, in reality - the above given is just an exaggeration. The truth is a little away from this.

Please stay with me. I will write more about this in the next article. It will be posted on 13th July 2014.

Until then, this is Chan signing off.


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