Friday, October 2, 2015

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Situational awareness at a single point of focus - that is the purpose of an heads up display (HUD). It's a cool tech.

Situational awareness is one hell of a trick. It is knowing, everything, now. It's a power actually - just like in the movie "Limitless":

We make decisions based on information. We process information and decide our next move. If any information is missing; it will affect our decision. That is the reason why quality of your decision increases as we grow. Of course, there are some who get tangled in emotional cobwebs and refuse to see the truth. 

As you know, these HUD's are used in fighter aircraft. Since military situations develop on split-second decisions; integrating lot of essential information to a single focus can be the factor of life and death. 

The heads up display used in F-35 is the most advanced type made by Rockwell Collins. They are heads up display mounted in helmet. Check out the video below:

This technology, is being transferred down to cars and motorbikes. Check out this good video from cnet:

As told in the video, by 2020 you will know someone who owns an heads up display - or if you are an early adapter you can own one. 

Future is awesome. 

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