Saturday, October 17, 2015

Boeing and India

Boeing recently released to press that they had closed more deals with India than whole US in last 50 years. The recent purchase of 10 C-17 Globemaster cost $4.1 billion dollars. 

Indian Air Force has been purchasing Chinook, Apache, P-8 Poseidon, 737 and C-17 for its fleet. 

With Boeing decision to set up manufacturing facility in India, it is clear that Boeing is cementing its relationships with India. 

Indian Air Force fighter aircraft are mainly from Russian aviation giants. With the current scenario, a time may come when Boeing can sell it's fighter aircraft to India. 

Indian Air force has specific needs for its combat support. It has long been understood that investments should be made to state of the art support systems because it is the foundation on which national security is ensured. 

Boeing being the major supplier for the combat has more to do than just plain selling. Boeing had deployed a team in India years before to understand the needs of Indian Military. Being a sub-continent, India has many threats that had to be handled simultaneously. 

A highly integrated system is necessary for this kind of job and Boeing modified it's system accordingly. 

After years of studying and computing solution, Boeing is having its fruits now. 

Knowing the customers and satisfying them is good business. 

List of Boeing Planes in Indian Military 
Sr.No. PlaneQuantity
3AH 64-D Apache20
4CH-47 Chinook15
5P-8 Poseidon12

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