Friday, August 28, 2015

Delivery by Drones. The Future of logistics.

Moving things around was always a problem. From the beginning of time, everything wanted to move. There was no action without movement. In fact, moving is the only way to go forward - in all areas of life. Good thing is that we invented wheel and the world changed for good. Now we take wheels for granted. 

When we started using wheels, it became apparent that we need something stronger and powerful to make use those wheels to carry and move more stuffs. Engines and vehicles were soon created.

Apparently, human race wanted more and they needed it fast. It's our innate desire to admire speed - because it's exhilarating. It's pure adrenaline. 

And so, fast cars were invented but fast trucks were "meh". Supersonic planes were designed while C-17 and C-5 Galaxy fly subsonic. It's also, I think, the reason why series "Flash" is much cooler than "Super Girl".

And now, in the age of "anything is actually possible with technology" - small flying robots are solving the problem of getting stuffs fast.

There are startups coming up all over the world that design the perfect transportation flying robot. We are talking about companies selling flying machine specifically designed to transport stuffs below 5 Kg in 20 Km radius. And they do that autonomous. Aviation industry is not only about passengers and national threats anymore. 

As companies like Mattrnet (  and Flirty ( are funded with wealthy venture capitalist organizations; they are still illegal to fly. 

British rules laid out by the Civil Aviation Authority limit unmanned vehicles to operating at least 50m from a building or person, and always within sight of an operator. Same story with FAA also.

We all heard about the "Amazon Prime Air". It's cool. They use quad-copters to deliver stuffs under 30 minutes. FAA never gave a green signal for them. Yet.

Google "Project Wing" is thinking further into future by designing an Aircraft instead of copters. Aircraft is faster and can carry more weight. Well, they can do that since its a moonshot project and doesn't effect there business directly.  

Even though it's illegal to fly now, all these companies are striving for this technology to happen. Why? 

Because it's progress. That's how we humans roll. After a while,with persistence,  this authority and jurisdiction will adapt. It always has and always will.

There a some exceptional cases where authorities let use drone for delivery. 

DHL is one company that has small success in the drone delivery business. They have a service to an German island called Juist. It's a sandbar island with less than 2500 people as residents. It's 12km into the North Sea. DHL only fly this route under strict jurisdiction and deliver mainly medicine.

Ten years from now, the unmanned aerial vehicle section will be changed in all Civil aviation rules around the world. New rules will be written. In two decades, drones will be taken as granted just like the wheels.

Thank you for reading guys. Until next time, this is CK signing off.


  1. Totally agree. The time to deploy these machines has already been delayed. But the fact that this will possibly replace the job of delivery boys everywhere can cause trouble to an overpopulated world.

  2. Well, I think new jobs will be created. It's just now people will need to learn some kind of skill - be it programming, selling etc.

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