Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Airborne

I would like to begin this article by giving respects to victims of Air Asia Flight QZ8501. Aviation world mourns in silence at this tragedy. Aviation is no simple industry. The advent of great danger and risk are dealt on a daily basis. 

With that said, we have entered a new year. I thank and extend my gratitude to  all my readers for your support.You've been a great audience. I wish all of you a great year ahead. 

Even if you are falling short, even if you don't have a happy beginning; remember that Boeing 737 was almost cancelled in 1960. It had only 21 orders from Lufthansa by 1965. Boeing was also competing with BAC One & DC-9. Boeing almost lost hope with this one.

But look at where it is now. Boeing 737 series is the best selling jet airliner in the aviation history. No matter where you are, no matter what you do; if you have a will there is a way. 

You see aviation is a dangerous and risky business. But we do it because it's worth it. It helps make the world a better place, to be part of something big. 

This is Chan signing off and again wishing you a very great 2015.

-Chan CK

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