Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How much does Plane Cost?

Recently my best friend shared a link about an aircraft called Icon A5. This aircraft is produced by a privately owned American Company called Icon Aircraft. They have an awesome looking aircraft and a cool logo. The sole purpose of this company is to make flying more affordable and accessible.

"Affordable" - That word got me thinking.

I get a lot of questions from people asking me - "How much does an aircraft cost?". And I ask which one, and they reply - "well, you know, the big ones".

An airliner like a Boeing 737-800, cost $72.5million. (72,500,000 USD). The A-380 on the other hand cost above $300milion (300,000,000USD). That's lot of money.

When coming to military world, a Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning II cost you around $200million (200,000,000USD) while a B-2 Spirit cost you $1.5 billion(1,500,000,000USD). Fact: B-2 Spirit is the costliest aircraft in the world.

All high-priced aircraft are engineering marvels and depict a quantum leap in technology.
But there are aircraft, which are built to cherish the passion of flying.

Did you know that Cessna Aircraft Company produce aircraft more than Boeing and Airbus?  Cessna 172 is the most manufactured aircraft in the world (43,000+).

And a Cessna 172R cost 274,000USD.

This aircraft is very dear to pilots. They are used in flying schools all over the world. They are also used by people in U.S and Europe for personal use. Usually when you own an aircraft, you are considered as elite.

That was the story until now.

At this point of time, in 2013, it's much easier to own and fly aircraft than ever before. Let me get back to the Icon A5.

An Icon A5 cost 140,000USD. To fly this you need Sport pilot certificate which is very easy to get ( you don't even need a medical certificate).

This years Paris Airshow saw a rise in E(electric) aircraft. These planes can fly with lithium batteries. The advancement in composite material fabrication and better aerodynamics help these aircraft not just to fly, but fly sustainable and cheap.

The aviation world will change. Skepticism and fear are the factors that make people not to look into small aircraft. The joy of flying is completely different from a pilot's seat like watching Avatar in 3D instead of 2D. 

The world was skeptical when Ford first rolled out it's car. Same happened for cell phones, Internet, social networking etc. All these have changed our world. Flying will be affordable one day. Just like having a driving license, you will have a flying license.

With that prayer in mind, I'm concluding. See you all next week. Live Happy.


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