Monday, July 1, 2013

Aeronautical Engineering as Career?

Aeronautics can be defined as the science involved with the study, design and manufacturing of aircraft According to Wikipedia, the term literally means- "sailing through air"

To make a body sail through air or airborne or fly is more than just a few calculations. The capability to fly is in and itself a tremendous achievement by human kind. The invention of airfoil and control surfaces alone changed the world as we know it.

Aeronautics has developed a lot in the last 113 years after Kitty Hawk. To fly faster than speed of sound, to cruise at 80,000 ft, to fly non-stop around the world - all has been possible because of aeronautics and aeronautical engineers. When I really understood the engineering concepts behind a flight - I had nothing but respects towards the people who created it. To be able to design a machine that can fly 50,000 ft above the ground is a great privilege only earned by an aeronautical engineer. That's how cool it is. I am proud to be an Aeronautical Engineer.

Aeronautical Engineers play a great role in getting an aircraft airborne. The sole purpose of an engineer is to convert ideas into practical entities. It is same for an Aeronautical Engineer. When there is a need to fly 800 people across any ocean with a minimum fuel burn; an aeronautical engineer designs the aircraft and make sure it fly well. Or when there is a need for an aircraft that cannot be detected by enemy radars and should be capable of carrying 40,000 lb of payload - aeronautical engineers designs it, manufactures it and make sure it neutralize the target. That's how cool Aeronautics is.

All that has been said about Aeronautical engineers, you must keep in mind that Aviation is not only about Aeronautical Engineers. Aviation industry is a massive platform where many engineering disciplines unite. At this point of time, the requirement for an aircraft is far more than just flying. Nowadays the aircraft requires to be a lot safer and smarter. Through many iterations, learning from the past - engineers come up with innovative solutions to make flying safer, smarter and green. Our planet now needs quieter and efficient airplanes. This is being delivered by Companies with pool of brilliant minds - most of them being Aeronautical Engineers.

I am glad that we get to live in midst of many exciting events and that we are able to observe the aviation industry change its pace. The awesome fact is we are a part of this.



  1. Well said, Aeronautical Engineer,who can endure immense pressure ,stress level and has nerve of steel making all theories into a flying wonder.