Friday, April 8, 2016

Tesla Cars

I like Tesla Cars. They are not just cool cars with electric batteries, incredible speed and awesome features; they also helps our planet earth. 
  Global warming is a real threat. It's here and real. But we humans tend to believe what's only in front of us. So you don't realize how global warming because it doesn't effect you - yet . That's unfortunate. 

Fortunately, there are people who understand the explications of Global Warming. Once such person is Elon Musk.

I am a huge fan of Elon Musk. He understands how world works. And he's an entrepreneur. 

He wants to eradicate global warming. Global warming is a huge problem that requires every individual in the planet to change the way of life. Main reason for global warming is Carbon dioxide emission. They are produced mainly by internal combustion engines in cars. 

If we are to save the planet, we need to change the internal combustion engines. Why not run the car in battery and motor? But these electric cars are perceived to be slow and boring. There is no excitement in owning an electric car. I'd be rather sticking up with my Toyota. 

So first, before even an efficient car is built; the perception towards electric cars should be changed.

And thus Tesla went on to built a sports car first - a badass car.

Thier first car was Tesla Roadster in 2010. Price was $ 110,00. In 5 years they sold 2,450 cars.

It's fast, cool and awesome. Change of perception began. Electric cars were cool for first time. 

Then they went on to create Model S (2012) and Model X (2015). Just amazing cars for a broader market. Still costly though - $80,000. In 3 years they sold over 100,000 units. 

These cars spread the word world over. People were like" Tesla cars are cool. They are awesome.They have doors that looks like falcon wing". Tesla as a brand began to be recognized as equivalent Apple computers. After all, Tesla was thinking different. 

And finally, Model 3 was released for $35,000. 250,000 pre orders came in 3 days. 

Changing perception worked. 

Remember that, in spite of being a billionaire and still able to make billions of dollars in mere 3 days; Elon Musk's and his teams goal is to save our planet. That is real business. 

Getting people to know each other, creating values and making magic- that's the essence of business. 

I am truly great-full for Tesla company for trying to save our world. I will do what I can. You should too. 



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