Friday, March 11, 2016

Donald Trump's Plane

Billionaire, presidential candidate Mr.Donald Trump has a private jet of his own. It's a Boeing 757 manufactured in 1991. This aircraft is modified into extreme luxury and pride as anyone would expect from Mr.Trump.  So extreme that the bathroom sink is 24K gold plated. 

The 757 first flew with Danish budget airlines called Sterling Airlines. Couple of years later it was in fleet of Mexico's TAESA airline. After the airline became defunct, it was bought by billionaire Paul Allen of Microsoft. Paul Allen used it for almost 15 years until in 2011 Donald Trump bought it from Paul.

Soon after it was bought, Trump modified many external and internal features.

Externally, the plane got brand new engines from Rolls-Royce. The new Rolls Royce RB-211 turbofan engines made the aircraft a hotrod among its kind. He also splashed the name Trump in its fuselage making it very distinguishable. Duh!

Internally, it was all state of the art. Starting with cockpit - was upgraded into glass cockpits. The 243 passenger aircraft was turn into a 43 passenger aircraft with dining hall, bedrooms, shower, guest room and other stuffs you common find in a house. Even the belt buckle and other metal linings are gold plated.

With purchase and modification, it cost Trump, $100 million. It's one of the costliest private jet in the world. Again, Duh!

Check out the vide below to see for yourself:



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