Saturday, February 20, 2016

Virgin Galactic unveils new Space Ship

Virgin Galactic officially unveiled their new space ship called "VSS Unity". It's the predecessor to previously crashed SpaceShip in 2014 (Read about it). 

The new ship is named VSS Unity by Prf. Stephen Hawkins. 

'We are entering a new space age, and I hope this will help to create a new unity,' he said, launching the craft via a video message of behalf of Virgin boss Richard Branson.
'If I am able to go & if Richard will still take me, I would be very proud to fly on this spaceship,' he said. (Ref: Dailymail)

The new ship is packed with many safety features, including a lock mechanism for "feathering unit". The last ship was crashed due to the early deployment of feathering (which is rotating the wings 65° to increase drag) at transonic speed. It was a pilot error. 

Since the crash there were only few cancellations. Majority of the passengers who signed up still wants to go. 

We will have to wait till end of the year to see how VSS Unity performs. 

In high school I once read an article in Popular Mechanics magazine. The article was about the most desirable jobs in the future. After seeing the first one, I was skeptical. I am not now. 

The first job was : Commercial Space Ship Pilots. 

Great age of space will commence soon. 

Good stuff Virgin. 



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