Friday, August 9, 2013

Boeing Vs Airbus

I'm excited to write about this topic. Two World-Class Companies - Boeing of America and Airbus of European Union. 

The story of business rivalry between these two legendary aircraft manufacturing companies is like a party that never ends. Boeing and Airbus represents more than just mere companies, they make powerful political and social impacts.


Each companies have bought dynamic innovations in aviation industry.We have seen Airbus, although a younger than Boeing, was able to break the ice despite the customer loyalty enjoyed by Boeing. Airbus depicts the classic story of how dangerous big risk can be measured and dealt with proper tactical approach. For Airbus it was Win Big or loss. 

In 1960s Airbus was nothing but a small European company with no great future let alone be a competitor of Boeing. But, when A320 was entered service in 1988, it was a huge success. Only A320 had fly-by-wire control system in the civil Aviation Sector. Fly-by-wire made the flight safe and reduced pilot error a lot. This technology is installed in all commercial aircraft today. Boeing innovated its 737 from time-to-time and is still the market leader. Boeing 737 is the world's best selling narrow-body jet. Airbus A320 is the second best.

Airbus rose a respectable class of  Aircraft manufacturer and Boeing began to take Airbus seriously.

Airbus introduced a new model called Airbus A340 in 1991. This plane filled the need for an long-range wide bodied aircraft which falls into the category in between narrow-body and jumbo-jet class.  In 1995 Boeing 777 was introduced to compete. This was Boeing's first aircraft to have fly-by-wire system. Boeing 777 was much more efficient than A340. A340 programme is now terminated. Airbus now focus on A350 which is loaded with composite materials and fuel efficient engine. This aircraft will go head-on with Boeing 777. Who will be the winner in this class is yet a question unanswered. 

In 2005, by the introduction of Airbus A380, for first time in world history Airbus took on a very tough market. A market in which Boeing and only Boeing was leading for more than three decades with 747. You have to realize that designing a jumbo-jet aircraft itself is a Herculean task. Airbus took the initiative to fight Boeing with brilliant engineering, compelling manufacturing process and assembly line and amazing logistics. 

Boeing striked back with introduction of 787 Dreamliner. This plane as claimed by Boeing is one of the most efficient aircraft to be produced in the world. This narrow body plane is packed with composite materials with advanced wing design and production. This is a bold move from Boeing in designing a environment-friendly aircraft. Even though they faced some hurdles along the way, Boeing made a smart move with this plane. 

Boeing and Airbus will continue to innovate and create aircraft which will make flying safer and environmental friendly because that is what world desperately needs. This epic battle between these companies is worth watching. We live in a time when these make headlines in news papers. Let'c cherish that fact.


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